Welcome to the amazing T1 System

Lets get straight to the point.  If you are seeking a futures system:

  • That really does perform – big money, made consistently
  • With a multi-year real-time track record
  • Which is traded by serious professional traders around the world
  • That is easy to operate – without watching a screen all day
  • Where I do all of the hard work for you – and you can even outsource execution if you wish
  • That can be started with a small account and small risk per trade

…yet one that has already delivered 526% return in the 33 months since its launch, then the T1 System could be just what you have been searching for.

Take a quick look at the performance charts to the right.  Look at the system highlights just below those charts.  Want to know more?  Then grab a cup of coffee and join me for a few minutes as I tell you all about this ground breaking service.

The origins of the T1 System

A few years ago I launched a system known as S-I-R (short for Serious Investment Returns) to a small group of traders who have been trading it ever since.

S-I-R was developed by applying a strategy to daily charts of 30+ commodities that I had previously been using for shorter-term S&P trading.  So it was not a new system at that time, just one that I tailored a little to make it ideal for use on longer-term charts.

Because the fundamental strategy has been the bedrock of my trading for many years, I expected this new longer-term incarnation to perform well.  It did!

It absolutely flew out of the starting gate making money from day 1!

To be honest we were all a little stunned by just how consistently this made money in real time.  Usually the moment you go live with a system it dives straight into a drawdown, making you question if you really did your research right or not!  Know the feeling?

But this was great.  It was wild.  Taking money out of the market was like shelling peas.  I know clients who made extraordinary amounts of money.  However there is a catch.  S-I-R trades multiple contracts and therefore you need to have a reasonable sized account to start with.  So it is not for everyone.  That is probably why most of my S-I-R members are full time career traders.  S-I-R requires multiple contracts as it has three exits to each trade:

  • Target 1 – typically achieved within 1 to 3 days
  • Target 2 – typically achieved in 5 to 8 days
  • Exit 3 – either a third target or a trailing stop to catch the occasional runner

Recently it came to my attention that one of my clients only ever used the first target, T1, where he closed the whole position.  Why I asked?

He explained that he loved T1 as it provides the fastest profits with the minimum amount of time in the market and also the highest percentage success rate.  It is true that T2 and Exit 3 actually make more money over the long haul, but with a lower percentage of success and you do have to be prepared to sit on the trades for days and weeks sometimes.

I know myself that when we hit T1 I breathe a sigh of relief that we have put money in the bank, but for most of us that is only the first hurdle overcome.  Looking back I also know that this client is right that T1 is the “fast money”.  The market usually moves very quickly to T1 and much more slowly to the later exits.  So T1 also provides the “biggest dollar per hour in the market” of our strategy.

My friend loves the fast money and is very happy to be sitting safely on the sidelines as the rest of us slog on with the slower more “faith testing” part of each trade!  So T1 suits his personality perfectly and guess what?  With only one exit to worry about, you can trade the T1 System with just a single contract.  So this opens up these astonishing trades to traders with smaller accounts and people who do not want the larger initial risks of the S-I-R system.

Bingo!  There was the answer to the question I have been asked dozens of times over the last few years “how can I trade your strategy with a smaller account?”.  And so the T1 system was born!  It has exactly the same entries as its big brother and the same first exits.  It takes the fastest money available in each trade and sits safely in cash for the rest of time.

Real-time performance

The critical word in that title is “real time”.  How many times have we all seen so called “hypothetical” results that look great only to discover that when you try to trade the system live the whole thing turns seriously ugly?

Well there are a number of reasons why this is the case.  These range from simple bad luck in the timing of going live at one end of the spectrum, through naivety of genuine but inexperienced developers, right through to outright deception by data mining fraudsters at the other end of the spectrum.

The acid test of any system, even from the most experienced and knowledgeable developers, is how it performs in real time long after all of the development activity is a distant memory.  This is why I only ever show real time results in all of my signal services and no pre-release nonsense.  It is also why my friends and clients who trade my systems are happy to provide the genuine quotes you can see on the next page – because they have actually been trading the signals, live in real time and in many cases for several years.

So don’t take my word for any of this, but do listen seriously to what people who were once in your position have to say about their own experiences.  The fact is that every trade in the T1 system’s track record has been taken by myself and many other people.  That real time trade log can be downloaded on the Trade Log page and the charts to the right show a snapshot of the profits delivered by the system since inception.

Let’s look at a few of the key facts about the T1 System’s real time performance to date:

  • On average the profits on winning trades are 1.3 times the size of losses on the losers
  • For every losing trade there have been 1.7 winning trades
  • 2011 is its 3rd profitable year out of 3
  • Last month (November 2011) the system closed at new equity highs, despite this being one of the most difficult years I can remember in my three decades in the markets

Why it works so well

Is it perfect?  Absolutely not!  But nothing is, despite what all of those silly websites and classified ads tell us every day.  We live and work in the real world here and have to accept there are good years and bad ones, periods of drawdowns and well as times when it seems we can do no wrong.

However there are fundamental reasons why my systems work and continue working when all of these “brand new discoveries” all break down.  Let me just repeat that…

They ALL break down, its only ever a question on when!

…the when is usually the moment you or I start trading them by the way!!!

The S-I-R strategy is very different and very unconventional, which is why it works brilliantly during good times and keeps its act together during the bad times too.  So let me give you an insight into why this is the case.  I have traded the same basic strategy for the last 15 years in various incarnations, constantly honing it along the way.  I will be trading the same strategy in 15 years time.  I can be certain of this as I know one critical fact…

This will NEVER break!

That is quite a statement to make and the reason I know this is that unlike every other system out there, we do something very unique…We don’t follow indicators, we don’t follow trends, we don’t do all of these things conventional wisdom suggests.  What we do is…

We follow the money!

Just think about that for a moment.  Markets move under the influence of supply and demand and absolutely nothing else.  Big money has the power to change the supply and demand equation.  It is the sort of money that both creates trends and ends them too.  So yes we follow the trend when the big money is positioned in that direction.  But we also trade against the established and visible trend when the big trend ending money switches to the other side.

That is ALL we need to know – how is the big money positioning itself. We don’t need to know anything about oscillators, moving averages, Fibonacci or other such rubbish.  All that “stuff” at best tells you what has already taken place, which your eyes can tell you just as well anyway.  But we aren’t very interested in what has already taken place.  What we are interested is in what will happen next and that is governed exclusively by supply and demand and in particular by changes in the balance of supply and demand.  This is also how the big market moving money leaves its footprints behind by altering supply and demand.

If only we could measure supply and demand, we could see what the big money is up to.  Alas supply and demand is invisible.  Or rather I should say it is invisible to most traders.  Fortunately it is not invisible to the S-I-R strategy.  We have that edge that no one else to my knowledge has previously unlocked.

We are able to see supply and demand!

That is a serious edge in the game and one that will work as well in a hundred years time as it does today and as well as it did a hundred years ago.  That is why I know this strategy will not just break one day like all other systems do, because its foundations are based on inescapable fact and not the fiction that most systems rely upon.  Sure we make small tactical changes from time to time and also supply and demand can change rapidly at times, which is why we don’t win on every trade.  But like a casino we play with the odds firmly on our side and then it is simply our job to keep on playing!

I must make it absolutely clear that I am NOT teaching the system here or in any other service.  I have never taught it to anyone.  I allow small numbers of traders to capitalise on the strategy via these signal services, but the secret itself remains with me alone.  So please don’t ask.  Hundreds of people have asked me to teach them. I was even offered a 6 figure sum for a copy of this a few years ago.  The answer was no to all of these requests and will remain that way.

How you can take part

My offer is simple. I don’t sell the system and I don’t give financial advice.  What I do through this service is I allow a small group of fellow traders to “look over my shoulder” and see exactly the orders I am placing myself.  You see my orders at the same time as I place them in the various markets myself.  Should you wish to follow along, well that is entirely up to you!  How you use this sneaky insight into my world is entirely up to you.

Most of the time my orders are placed or adjusted late in the day, typically between 8:30pm and 10:30pm UK time (2:30 to 4:30pm CST) so they are active in time for the reopen later that evening.  A small percentage of the time we adjust trades during the American trading session, occasionally we even adjust orders during the European trading session (although this is very rare).  So there is no being glued to a screen all day long with the T1 System.  Just occasional orders to place or adjust, most of which take place at the end of the day.

You also have the choice of who executes your trades for you.  You can do it yourself or you can put it on AutoPilot by instructing my colleagues at American Futures Trading to execute for you, so you don’t even have to be available to place orders yourself.  You can read all about these alternatives on the following pages.

You also have a choice of 3 services so you can pick the one best suited to your personal circumstances:

  • T1 Unlimited
  • T1 2 Lot
  • T1 Lite

These are summarised in the following table and full details of each service are given on the pages named after each of the three services.

One month at a time

Please dont just sign up because I am making this the lowest priced service I have ever offered.  Make sure this fits comfortably with your existing trading activities and indeed that you are adequately capitalised to take part.  Your subscription won’t make any difference to my lifestyle and unless you are certain this fits with your needs I would much prefer you did not join!  That may be a pretty unusual thing to hear in a world where everyone seems to be desperate to grab your money for some subscription or other, but then I’m not like everyone else.

In fact throughout our relationship, you will be the one in control.  I only offer monthly subscriptions to all of my signal services, nothing longer.  We all know the old trick of trying to coerce people into annual subscriptions which they then discover are non refundable as soon as they find out that the “miracle service” isn’t quite as miraculous as they hoped it would be.  I only want happy clients and certainly don’t want anyone saying “that Simon bloke made me pay a years fees and didn’t deliver!”

So yes I do subscriptions differently too!

So you can stay for as long as you want to and no longer.  I deliberately switched over to using Paypal, so that I no longer have access to anyone’s credit card details.  If you decide to leave, which of course I hope you don’t, all you have to do is cancel your subscription in your Paypal account.  No further monthly payments will be made and the website will automatically cancel your membership.  You don’t have to track me down to cancel the subscription, in fact I wont even know about it.  Everything is automated so I can concentrate on trading and not administrative things!

From my side of course I hope you are as excited as the rest of us about taking part in this venture and will choose to be with us for the long term like the vast majority of my existing happy members.  So please read the rest of the pages in this website carefully and when you are ready to get started I look forward to welcoming you into this exclusive club.






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T1 P&L – 2 Contracts Max

T1 System P&L

Profit since inception based on a $30k account risking 5% max (red) or a $50k account risking 3% max (blue)

T1 Lite P&L – 1 Contract

T1 Lite P&L

Profit since inception based on a $30k account risking 5% max (green) or a $50k account risking 3% max (yellow)

T1 System Highlights

  • 26 profitable months out of 33 since inception (79%)
  • $157,686 profit (526% return) on a $30k account with 5% max risk per trade
  • $124,875 profit (416% return) on a $50k account with 3% max risk per trade
  • "Lite" version trades just a single contract for a profit of $85,939 to $98,869
  • 8 to 12 trades per month
  • No need to follow the market throughout the day
  • AutoPilot even allows you to outsource everything!
  • Get started for as little as £119 per month
  • Trades taken and endorsed by a group of full time professional traders
  • *statistics as at Nov 2011*

Who is Simon Townshend

Hi, I’m Simon

I trade for a living and run a private hedge fund in which we take the trades shared with members of this service.

I invented the system and I’m sorry but it is NOT up for sale!

I am opening up these trades to just a small group of experienced traders who wish to trade along with me.

Most people who read this site already know me. Many have followed my educational articles, interviews, webinars, videos and newsletters for a long time.

But if we haven’t met before, you can find out all about me at…


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